Baahubali will not block any theatres for 50th day

August 28th marks the “50th Day” of magnum opus that was released on July 10th. But this film’s 50th day is not keeping fans happy. Especially when Prabhas fans are claiming this film as their star’s own movie, the whole India praised Rajamouli for the film’s credit. If not that, comments of Rajamouli has hurt them further. Very openly, Rajamouli criticised that Baahubali will not block any theatres for 50th day to make some records. Because there are small Telugu movies like Best Actors, Blade Batch, Dolar ki Maro Vaipu, Malini & Co, Taruvatha Katha, Vikramarkudi Love Story and others releasing. Somehow Baahubali and other big-star films that are not running to packed crowds need to way for these films on Friday. That’s why Baahuabli got emptied from many screens. Actually fans want the makers to run for day, celebrate 50th day and leave theatres tomorrow. As Rajamouli haven’t given scope for any such records, they are reportedly fuming at the director. Meanwhile, it’s an achievement that a 500 crore club Telugu film is making waves across the nation at some places even on its 50th day of run. Soon the film’s international version will be released. 

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