chocolate statue of Rajinikanth sporting Kabali look

The makers of upcoming action thriller movie “Kabali” is getting ready to release the movie as summer treats. A chocolate statue of Rajinikanth sporting Kabali look, is going viral in Chennai. Already audiences are very excited about the look of Rajinikanth for his upcoming movie Kabali and now his chocolate statue with the same look, the grizzled hair look which is made by his die-hard fans, has become very popular which is a tribute to the superstar.

chocolate statue of Rajinikanth

Zuka Choco-la is a very popular pastry outlet, on MG Road in Pondicherry and its owner Srinath Balachandran who was born in Chennai and brought up in Pondicherry, has opened a new branch in Chennai also and the chocolate statue of Rajinikanth can be spotted in its Chennai branch, number of Rajinikanth fans are visiting Zuka.  It is the market strategy of Srinath to increase the sales by using the craze of Superstar Rajinikanth.

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