Glitter Henna History:

Henna body painting is an ancient art dating back thousands of years. Henna is probably the most widely used cosmetic of all times. The earliest evidence of henna dates back to around 1200 BC when the Egyptians were known to color their fingernails and hair. The tradition then spread to the Middle East, India and other South East Asian countries. Henna tradition spans many countries and religions, but the design details vary from culture to culture. Generally, Indian designs are made up of finely drawn paisley and floral patterns, Arabic concentrate on larger floral motifs and African designs include bold geometric shapes.



All symbols start with the seed from which everything grows. Here are some:

1. Joining lines – duality of life

2. Triangle upwards – active male symbol representing fire and ascend to heaven

3. Triangle downwards – passive female symbol of water and grace descending from heaven.

4. Star – presence of divinity and hope

5. Five-pointed star – five elements of fire, water, earth, air and heaven

6. Square – stability, honesty and shelter

7. Diamond – enlightenment

8. Octagon – protection

9. Cross – cosmic symbol

10. Circle- denoted wholeness

11. Crescent moon- newborn baby

12. Sun – knowledge and immortality

13. Lotus – chastity, tree of life, womanhood, pure, clean

14. Peacock – love, desire, passion

15. Paisley – beauty, virginity

16. Palm branches – fertility

17. Right eye – sun (masculine power)

18. Left eye- moon (feminine power)

Here are the some of the designs and video 

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