Facebook Baba Short film

(Facebook enables users to choose their own privacy settings and choose who can see specific parts of their profile. The website is free to its users and generates revenue from advertising, such as banner ads. Facebook requires a user’s name and profile picture (if applicable) to be accessible by everyone. Users can control who sees other information they have shared, as well as who can find them in searches, through their privacy settings.)

Highlights of this film:


1. Good Camera

2. Good Concept

3. Full of comedy

4.  Facebook Users – Psychology

5. Like and share – button  

6. Less budget movie

7. Background Music and Words – “Ahhhahhaha”  

8. Psychology adviser in Film acted as Facebook Baba

9. Clip Video – 16:00 to 19:20 is Full of Fun

10. Duck sound

11. This film have reached – 823,592 High Video views in YouTube 


 This is film is Written, Directed and Edited by Sabarish Kandregula


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