Fans upset with actor Prabhas marriage

The fans of Rebel star Prabhas are very upset about the news that Prabhas is getting married very soon. Yesterday number of print media house published the article about Prabhas that Baahubali Prabhas is set to tie knot with his old girlfriend Neha.

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Both Neha and Rebel star Prabhas met on the set of Baahubali, Neha is the friend of one of the actress who usually comes on the set. During the break time, Prabhas spent quality time with her and very soon they became good friends and started to like each other.

Neha belongs to South Africa and the only daughter of billionaire businessman who owns an investment company. She visited India on holiday and attended the shoot of Baahubali. Recently both Neha and Prabhas’s family met for dinner when Baahubali won the award.

The engagement is likely to take place within two weeks and wedding will be held in June. But at the end, they mentioned that news is fake and wished Happy Fools day. The news of Prabhas wedding did not go well and his fans are fuming on social media for the silly article.

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