Ganesh laddu at Kukatpally pandal sells for a whopping Rs. 15 lakh

The city, on Sunday, bid adieu to scores of Ganesh idols amid record bids for the laddus.

The auction for Ganesh laddu at the pandal of Addagatta Society in Kukatpally on Sunday ended up with the highest bid of Rs.15 lakh. At Balapur, which actually started the trend of auctioning the laddu before embarking on the immersion, saw the bids crossing the Rs.10 lakh mark for the first time, and stop at Rs.10.32 lakh. The Balapur laddu last year was auctioned for Rs.9.50 lakh and this year, it witnessed the auction getting more intense and the bids going up by Rs.82,000 more. A businessman, K. Madan Mohan Reddy, won the auction and described it as an ‘auspicious blessing to have won the laddu’.

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