Indian Valentine’s Day 2016 rose exports expected to rise by 10%

With the shipment of red roses leaving for Europe over, the domestic industry estimates that India’s exports for Valentine’s Day this year will increase 10% in value as well as volume over that a year ago even as the rapidly growing domestic market leaves fewer flowers available for exports.

India may export 19 million stems of roses in February compared to 17 million stems a year ago, said Praveen Sharma, president of Indian Society of Floriculture Professionals.

The Pune-Nashik-Kolhapur region in Maharashtra, Bengaluru-Hosur belt in Karnataka and Tamil Nadu are the prominent centres for flower exports in the country. Although green houses growing flowers are being set up in Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Odisha, Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, they mostly cater to the domestic market.

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While 55% of roses exported from India are sent overseas through Bengaluru airport, 45% exports take place from Mumbai airport. The share of Bengaluru region has increased because two big floriculture companies from Maharashtra have started using Bengaluru airport due to its cheaper freight rates and better availability of air space.

The farm gate net price of Rs 13 per stem offered by European buyers this year is 10% higher over that a year ago. Rose grower Pandit Shikare, who owns a green house on a 10-acre farm at Talegaon near Pune has exported 1.5 lakh stems this year. “I did direct exports this year. The buyers had certified my flowers in December,” he said, while loading flowers in the presence of his guests from abroad.

The domestic market is growing at a compound annual growth rate of 23% and gives competitive returns to the growers. Domestic market prices have remained above Rs 7 per stem for the past three months and growers expect the prices to go above Rs 10 per stem closer to Valentine’s Day on February 14.

Kenya’s total annual flower exports are close to $550 million whereas Ethiopia, a relatively new entrant in flower industry since 2003, has been estimated to export flowers worth $400 million. The agony of Indian floriculture industry is that after 25 years of its existence we have meagre annual exports of fresh flowers of about $10-12 million,” said Sharma.

Looking at the growing flower market in India, some countries are eyeing it as a potential export destination. But even as import of some exotic flowers does take place in the country, currently there is a ban on import of roses to protect the domestic industry.

Courtesy: Market News

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