Oka Manasu – Review – Naga sourya , Konedala Niharika


Sandhya (Niharika Konidela) is a medico at a hospital in Vijayanagaram. Surya (Naga Shouya) could be a obedient son, desires to model his career as politician once his MLA uncle. They fall dotty. Being a emotional guy, Surya gets in bother and goes to jail. Sandhya, believes that love is thus pure that it belongs to only 1 man waits for him categorically. remainder of the story is all regarding what Sandhya will once Surya is held between love and family responsibilities.
Artists Performance

Oka Manasu Actors: The light-bearded look has suited Naga Shourya okay. He has shown lots of maturity in his acting. It’s such a rare character wherever you wish to underplay, however build an effect. It’s a decent debut for Niharika Konidela. Since, it’s one dimensional character, one can’t decide her overall effectiveness as heroine. however she is sweet for the role she has done. Her character is delicate and extremely ancient. folks that have seen her on TV shows would possibly expect a cheerful role for her in films. Rao Ramesh plays a job of a father, desires to visualize his son to satisfy his unrealized dreams. Pragathi plays heroine’s single mother. Srinivas Avasarala will a supporting character. Vennela Kishore incorporates a anaglyph. Mirchi Hemanth gets a meaty role of hero’s sidekick and plays it convincingly.

Technical departments

Oka Manasu Story – script – direction: The plot line of the film is thin. It’s terribly troublesome to form an attractive fare out of such a skinny story. Director Ramaraju, created an impact as a dedicated storyteller with Mallelatheeramlo Sirimalle Puvvu tries another film with similar flavor, however adds few additional dimensions to the story. Iit’s regarding pure and immortal love, the many kisses that square measure shown on screen square measure restricted to kisses on cheeks. Some selections within the story seem too slow and a few square measure real fast (ex: moving in). The approach hero character is cause a degree wherever he’s framed between love for lady and love for father is pretty fascinating. The scenes resulting in climax purpose ought to are additional clear. The tempo towards climax isn’t engineered properly. although the narration is poetic, the pace of the moving-picture show is incredibly slow.

Oka Manasu : alternative departments: Music by Sunil Kashyap is that the lifeline of the moving-picture show. All songs square measure pleasant to listen to and square measure soothing to observe. Background music is seamless with classical bit and enhances the mood of the film. photography by Ram Reddy is another quality. He has not solely captured the moving-picture show in right frames, however additionally explored inexperienced locations well. Dialogues by Ramaraju square measure thought agitative and have deeper that means (manishe political animal). piece of writing is neat although most of the folks would possibly attempt to blame editor for lack of pace in narration (director’s call). Production values square measure smart.

Oka Manasu Analysis: Oka Manasu could be a film that is finished lots of conviction and fervour. and points of the film square measure lead combine, music and photography. The snail-paced narration could be a huge minus. The film additionally lacks the contemporariness in terms of orientation. This film can charm to the folks that connect with this sort of plot line and narrative. On a whole, Oka Manasu could be a poetic film with terribly slow narration and restricted appeal!

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