Older actresses are now more easily accepted: Vidya Balan said

Vidya Balan believes that unlike earlier, audiences are willing to accept older actresses as films now are depicting different stages of life instead of just focussing on the allure of youth.

The National Award-winning actress said, “things are no longer same for 30-plus actresses now as all kinds of films are being made depicting different stages of life.”

vidya balan

When asked about the changes that she has noticed regarding 30-plus actresses in Bollywood, she said,”There were times when there were only love stories and however old the male actor is, the actresses were becoming younger and younger but that’s no longer the case now.”

“People are accepting women in every stages. We are accepting that they can be interesting and desirable even when they are in their 30s.I think audiences are very ready,” the 37-year-old.


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