P Susheela enters Guinness Book of World Records

The queen of Melodies, P Susheela Mohan, has won number of awards and earned accolades in her career of five decades and now she has added two more awards in her award list. She has won Guinness Book of World Records for singing 17, 695 songs in 12 Indian languages and also won Asia Book of Records for singing close to 17, 330 songs in Indian languages.

p susheela

According to P Susheela, she has done very hard work for this achievement. She added that now number of Television channels and newspapers are highlighting the upcoming singer quickly but when she started singing, then it was very slow and step by step. She is giving the credit of success to her husband who is a doctor and he fell in love with her voice and scarified his life to make her good playback singer. She was offered to act by several directors but she refused the offers.

In 2008, she won the prestigious award Padma Bhushan by the Indian government. ‘Enthan vullam tulli vilyaduvathum yeno’, ‘unnai kan thedutey’, ‘brindavanamum nandakumaranum yavarukkum’ are her popular Tamil songs. In 2011, Asha Bhosle was featured in the Guinness World Records for 11,000 solos, duets and chorus supported songs in over a dozen Indian languages.

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