Romantic Experiences Drive Record $17.55 Billion – Valentine’s Day Spending

Romantic Experiences Drive Record $17.55 Billion In Valentine’s Day Spending is expected this year to show their love and concern to their loved one and the way to tell them that how much they matter in someone’s life, how much important to them. Americans will express their love for their significant others and themselves by demonstrating a stronger affinity than ever for Valentine’s Day spending in 2016.

The National Retail Federation’s 2016 consumer spending survey estimates Americans will spend a record high of $19.7 billion this year on Valentine’s Day gifts and experiences. Analysis of data from the consumer survey found that net average Valentine’s Day spending will be approximately $17.55 billion.

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This year, Americans are electing to spend more on ”an evening out” with a special someone than on traditional Valentine’s Day gifts such as jewelry, clothing or candy.

Be it a romantic night at the movies or tandem bungee jumping, couples are sinking a net average of $4.5 billion into an experience, more than any tangible display of affection . This will top all previous survey “evening out” net averages since 2010.

Courtesy: ANI

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